CLIENT: Dunkin' Donuts x Refinery29


Raise awareness for Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Series coffee line through an interactive experience at 29Rooms that would drive trial for three hero flavors (Blueberry Pancake, Dulce de Leche, and Coconut Caramel).


Ignite excitement for this new product by creating an imaginative experience that inspired our audience to envision how bringing Dunkin Donuts unique coffee flavors to their homes could transform their morning coffee ritual and bring a boost of play to their day.


An immersive experience that took guests through five engaging touchpoints that reimagined the process of Dunking Donuts coffee from brew to pour through the lens of 29Rooms.

When guests first entered the room, they encountered a kitchen with select items that hinted to the ingredients in the three coffee flavors. The majority of the kitchen was designed in 2D black and white treatments, allowing select items to immediately stand out for our guests, including orange coffee bean vinyls on the floor that led to an orange fridge in the room. When guests explored beyond the fridge, they unveiled an immersive world of coffee flavors.


Inside the hidden “room within a room”, we created different moments that invited guests to experience the Dunkin Donuts flavors in different ways. One wall featured a series of intertwining pipes with latches at the end for guests to open and experience the unique aromas of each coffee flavor. On another wall, we recreated the process of pouring coffee as an artistic, playful visual moment. At the center of the installation, an oversized coffee mug featured a small dispenser that invited guests to take a card with special affirmations that gave a boost to their day.


The hero moment in the room was an interactive Rube Goldberg-style installation that reimagined the coffee brew process and highlighted the ingredients in each of the flavors. The coffee brew installation extended into stations where the coffees were actually brewed, allowing audiences to sample each flavor in real-time. After sampling, guests were able to vote for their favorite flavor by dropping a ball into a labeled cylinder, resulting in an installation that developed throughout the following days.