CLIENT: Refinery29 


Create an experience at 29Rooms that drives interaction between guests in an unexpected way.


Invite guests to step out of their comfort zone with an experience that builds a deep bond through mutual trust and vulnerability. By surrendering control, we allow new possibilities to unfold. In the ancient art of Palmistry, putting our trust in a stranger's hands rewards us by unveiling hidden truths about ourselves and unraveling glimpses to our fortunes. 


In this experience, guests were invited to be both the "fortune-tellers" and the "fortune-receivers" by participating in a unique interactive experience with a cosmic twist. 

We created a room with a central wall that divided the space into two identical hallways. In both hallways, we set up psychic-inspired tables to face the central wall. Each table had an illustrated diagram of the palm reading exercise and a small window that led to the table on the opposite side of the wall.

When guests entered the room, a recording would play overhead to guide them through the experience. Guests on both sides of the room took turns sliding their hands through the small window at their table to present their palms to the invisible stranger on the other side. In each round, the recording would guide those in the "fortune-teller" role on a basic palm reading exercise.


Additionally, the illustrated diagrams displayed at each table provided supporting guidance for the different palm lines and their meanings. With each reading, the "fortune-tellers" would mark the wrists of their hidden partner with designated symbols that represented different interpretations. 

Each pair had equal opportunity to switch roles, creating a powerful bond of vulnerability and trust among participants that led to cosmic revelations.

Note: We consulted with a Palmistry expert to ensure this experience presented authentic and accurate information on palm reading.


"But in some of the other rooms with less explicit phone policies, the sensations, interactions, and actual meat of the content brought more to the pop-up than I was expecting. In a palm reading room, you sit across from someone, likely a stranger, separated by a solid wall. There is a small hole through which you can slip your palm, and your "partner" traces your hand lines, and tells you about your fate and personality, thanks to a "palmistry" guide on the wall. 


This was silly, but it was actually entertaining and something I hadn't experienced before. The feeling of having someone I couldn't see touching and running her finger over my palm was definitely ... strange. In a good way."

- Mashable