CLIENT: GLAAD x Refinery29 

ARTIST COLLABORATORS: Trans Chorus of LA, Tonality 


Bring to life GLAAD’s mission to shape the narrative around inclusivity for minority groups and provoke dialogue that leads to positive cultural change. 


Create a literal platform that celebrates and amplifies underrepresented voices through the powerful medium of song.


We hosted pop-up performances that featured two local Los Angeles choirs who leverage music as a vehicle to create space for historically marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and ethnic minorities. Each choir carried audiences away with melodies that communicated messages of self-expression, empowerment, unity, and compassion. 

Featured Choirs: Trans Chorus of LA, Tonality  


"The ability to sing with the trans chorus at Refinery29 was so powerful and empowering. To be one of the 29Rooms meant that we were being validated as legitimate singers and it meant that we were given a platform to pave our way into the mainstream... Refinery29 gave us a platform for expression. And such platforms are healing opportunities for us. They give us a chance to tell our stories in a beautiful way that reaches everyone who takes a moment to hear us raise our voices in something we can all relate to: song."

- Pride

"The social justice activations also went far beyond lip service. The Los Angeles Trans Chorus performs, and clad in rainbow robes, seeing transgender people of all ages, races, and gender identities singing together moved me in a way I wasn't expecting."

- Mashable

"A Different Tune featured musical performances from local Los Angeles choirs who use music and song to unify people from all backgrounds. A collaboration with Glaad, the room aimed to amplify underrepresented voices with performances from the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and Tonality."

- BizBash

"In line with Refinery29’s philosophy and mission, many rooms were dedicated to larger conversations about empowerment, inclusivity, and equality. GLAAD partnered up with 29Rooms to create Room 21, 'A Different Tune.' The room featured speakers, microphones, and a stage to welcome Trans Chorus of LA and Tonality, two local LA choirs who leverage music as a vehicle for self-expression and empowerment."