CLIENT: Hustle Summit


I was tasked with creating the identity for FindSpark's largest event to date. This event would center around a recruitment mixer where attendees could connect with reps from companies that are hiring.

The goal was to design an event that differentiated itself from the stereotypical “career fair” experience and would attract our target market of career-oriented millennials.



Millennials are expressive. They take ownership of their personalities by developing their own unique styles and are always quick to align themselves with brands they identify with. If we wanted to appeal to young professionals who value hard work and are always on the hunt for new opportunities to get ahead in their careers, we needed to create a brand that would give them a sense of pride and ownership.


The development of the event's brand was driven by a key insight: our audience identifies with the “hustler” cultural trend. Thanks to popular media and influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck, “hustle” has become a cultural phenomenon that has taken a stronghold on individuals who identify with an entrepreneurial spirit and “get sh*t done” attitude.


This "hustler" culture is proud, it's very passionate about creating new career opportunities, and it’s vocal, very vocal. Hustlers love to talk about how much they hustle. 


Harnessing this “hustler” cultural trend and aligning the event with it allowed me to design a brand that had very high appeal among a population of millennials with a strong career drive.


The Hustle Summit campaign launched with a manifesto that consisted of empowering phrases that align with the “hustler” mentality and was shared through various social media channels plus distributed guerrilla-style throughout key locations in New York City.


The manifesto was a method of giving our target market something visual they could quickly identify with and feel a sense of ownership towards. It inspired the feeling that Hustle Summit is more than an event, it’s a community that gives highly-ambitious young pros a place where they belong and can connect with like-minded peers.


Additionally, I led a partnership with Tattly to incorporate their most popular hustle-themed temporary tattoos and created a “Hustle Summit Guide” with networking challenges that was distributed at the event.


Hustle Summit attracted over 500 young professionals for an afternoon of networking and building valuable relationships.


#HustleSummit generated over 15 million impressions across social media platforms, with 600+ participants on Twitter reaching over 4 million unique users on that platform alone.


The Hustle Summit website ( received +45,000 unique views in less than two months.


After the event, we saw continued engaement with the Hustle Summit brand on social media and original content created by attendees to recap and share their experience.