5 Cool Things in Experiential, Technology, and Art


I'm always on the lookout for new and inspiring innovations in art and technology that add value to the world of experiential. This is just a few of some of the things that have really caught my eye and gotten my wheels turning.


1. Face Mapping Art

First off this list is these incredible face mapping art projections by artist Nobumicho Asai. I absolutely love his artistic use of face mapping technology to turn the model's face into a moving canvas. 


Look familiar? This is the same technology Lady Gaga Used in her Grammys performance this year.



2. The Lab at Panorama Festival

It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to immersive experiences that merge art and technology. What I particularly like about this activation is how well it was integrated into the overall festival experience. I’m usually not a big fan of tech-focused activations (like VR) at music festivals because they tend to require attendees to take themselves out of their current environment. The Lab, on the other hand, transported guests into an experience that still lives within the festival. This created something that heightened guests’ current experience, not replaced it.


To learn more about The Lab project, visit: meta.is/experiences/the-lab-at-panorama



3. Sonic Art

Lately I’ve been really interested with how sound waves affect the natural elements around us. This video brilliantly illustrates many different kinds of correlations between the elements in a way that artfully portrays the organic symmetry and order that exists in nature.


7up’s “Concert for the Deaf” is a great example of a way to weave these principals into an immersive, and engaging experience. 




4. Optical Illusion Decor

The second I came across this list of optical illusion vinyls, I thought it would be the coolest thing to include at an event. Talk about a truly interesting and unique way to communicate your brand’s message! What I like most about this is that the decor becomes an activation in itself, inspiring guests with a sense of surprise and discovery as they move around the space to capture your messages (cue Instagram gold).




5. Interactive Light Installations

I always appreciate a good interactive light installation. What I really like about this one is how it allows multiple people to interact with it at once, turning it into a hub of energy. This is the kind of thing that would be perfect to include in the center of a space as an interesting activation that will draw a crowd by igniting curiosity.






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March 28, 2019

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